Renée Trökes, née Severin * 29 January 1923 in Hagen till 1 April 1997 in Berlin. She was born as the middle child of Käthe, a photographer and Walter Severin a bookseller and publisher from Hagen. Her brothers were Jochen Severin a film producer and publisher and Pitt Severin a photographer and journalist. After finishing her gardening apprenticeship at Karl Foerster in Potsdam/Bornim she studied landscaping at Berlin University after the war. 1949 she married Heinz Trökes in Berlin. Trökes went to Paris in 1950 and Renée followed after finishing her diploma. In 1952 both decided to live in Ibiza, Spain. Renée designed the artist atelier house where they used to live and always returned to. In 1988 they left Ibiza for Berlin, Germany.

Renée Trökes, Ibiza 1952. Foto © Pitt Severin/Trökes-Archive, Berlin