We understand works that have nothing to do with the work of Heinz Trökes as forgeries and false classifications.
In rare cases it can occur that Heinz Trökes is consciously indicated as the creator of a work that does not originate from him. The signature shown above documents such a case: here, someone forged the signature with fraudulent intent and is attempting to present the work of a third party as a work of Heinz Trökes.
Heinz Trökes is often erroneously credited as the author of a work he did not create. These generally involve errors and a lack of knowledge. This may be due to the creative wealth and the enormous stylistic breadth of the oeuvre of Heinz Trökes.

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Front. The style corresponds in no way with the style and technique of Heinz Trökes. The work is neither signed nor dated. It has been submitted twice for evaluation. Already the first time, Manuel Trökes was consulted and clearly identified the painting as not originating from Heinz Trökes. The painting was once again submitted to an auction house several months later. This then informed the Trökes Archive; a clear attempt to mislead on the part of the submitter. In March 2022 the painting appeared a forth time. Now at a frame workshop. The owner of the frame workshop informed the Trökes-Archive and finally the Police confiscated the painting.

Back of this painting. It is interesting that the painting has been stretched onto a canvas frame from one of Heinz Trökes’ destroyed paintings. However, here too: the canvas and its application do not correspond with that of Heinz Trökes.