“Summer Arts Lounge” of the Althafen Foundation

From June to the end of August 2024, the "Summer Arts Lounge" will take place at the river Spree, Mühlenstrasse 63 in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

Enjoy three colorful works of Heinz Trökes among others.
For the first time in public, the 210 x 148 cm tapestry "DANCING HOUSE" is shown.

Left side an Instagram screenshot of the Althafen Foundation

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Internet research for lost works

Every now and then we search the Internet for lost works by Heinz Trökes.

We recently succeeded in finding the watercolor with the title "LIGHT LIGHT" (LEICHTES LICHT).

On a page of the Michigan University Library we discovered the watercolor from 1960.

More about this in our autumn/winter 2024 newsletter. Go to the subscription form

Revision of Tröke’s holdings at the Berlinische Galerie

While examining the works of Heinz Trökes in the Berlinische Galerie – Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, together with the head of the Department of Prints and Drawings, Dr. Voermann, we found eight oil paintings, five of them from the 1940s, five watercolors, seven prints and three complete portfolios. Some of these works have not yet been inventoried in the Berlinische Galerie and are therefore not listed in our online catalogue raisonné.

The gouache entitled "ARBRES", Paris 1951, shown on the left, was previously unknown to us. (Click on the photo to enlarge)

Die MÜHLE (The Mill)

The MÜHLE is one of the first experimental mixed media with watercolour and black felt-tip pen (Flo-Master) and was made in 1953 and in Ibiza. The Flo-Master pen was used by Heinz Trökes again and again for many drawings. The pen was an American invention from 1951 in which the felt nibs could be replaced and black ink could be refilled.
The picture shows in abstract form the mill and the sea of the bay of San Antonio. Today, the mill and the buildings of the Punta des Moli are an exhibition venue and cultural monument. Walter Benjamin spent his stays here in the 1930s.
The mixed media is in the collection of the Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa (MACE)

Oil painting “WIEDERSEHEN” from 1945 surfaced after decades

The oil painting "WIEDERSEHEN" from 1945 was shown for the last time at the Rudolf Springer Gallery in 1948, where it was presumably sold. Now, after 75 years, it has surfaced. Here is a beautiful illustration of the well-preserved and wonderfully framed picture.

For example, paintings that were previously thought to be lost appear after many years, such as "CALDERIANA" from USA, "IM WIND" from England, "COSMISCHE MÖGLICHKEITEN" from France. And this gives us hope for more images that were thought to be lost.


Heinz Trökes was a very freedom-loving man, in life and in his art. It would have been against his nature to produce just for the market. Changing techniques and materials, he was constantly searching even between figurative and abstract painting. As Markus Krause can be quoted from his book „Heinz Trökes - Oil Paintings“ (Prestel 2003): Trökes is one of the most versatile, independently and cosmopolitan Artist of the German Post War art.

Example given, a small  oil painting with houses, three hares and the full moon.

"NACHTHASEN", oil o. c. 1970, 23,5 x 48,5 cm


100th Birthday of Renée Trökes

Renée Trökes, née Severin * 29 January 1923 in Hagen till 1 April 1997 in Berlin. She was born as the middle child of Käthe, a photographer and Walter Severin a bookseller and publisher from Hagen. Her brothers were Jochen Severin a film producer and publisher and Pitt Severin a photographer and journalist. After finishing her gardening apprenticeship at Karl Foerster in Potsdam/Bornim she studied landscaping at Berlin University after the war. 1949 she married Heinz Trökes in Berlin. Trökes went to Paris in 1950 and Renée followed after finishing her diploma. In 1952 both decided to live in Ibiza, Spain. Renée designed the artist atelier house where they used to live and always returned to. In 1988 they left Ibiza for Berlin, Germany.

Renée Trökes, Ibiza 1952. Foto © Pitt Severin/Trökes-Archive, Berlin

Added more textile designs by Heinz Trökes in our critical catalogue

From 1936 till 1939 Heinz Trökes could make his living as an Artis and painter by designing textiles.  After finishing his studies at the Höhere Fachschule für textile Flächenkunst in 1936 in Krefeld with Bauhaus Master Johannes Itten, Trökes went with a recommendation of his teacher Itten to J. P. Bemberg in Augsburg. 

Now we have aded many more of his designs to our catalogue. Please find these designs by searching under "Textilentwurf" at our catalogue raisonné.

HEINZ TRÖKES – through countries and continents

Paintings and graphics of the 50s till 80s.

Also shown are objects from early travels

Exhibition at Galerie Profil, Weimar

From September 10th till October 20th 2022


"HERBST UND MEER", (autumn and see) oil o.c. 1959

Erwin Bechtold

12 April 1925 in Cologne – 2 September 2022 in Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza

The Trökes-Archive mourns the loss of Erwin Bechtold whom Mirjam and  Manuel Trökes visited in Mai 2021 in his house on Ibiza.

He was with Antonio Ruiz (99) the last living member of the Grupo Ibiza 59 and a longtime friend of the Trökes family.

Finally out !

The English article about Heinz Trökes on Wikipedia.

“HELLE NACH” (Bright Night) and others appear in Stuttgart …

The work with the catalogue raisonné never ends.

After some newly made research three missing works on paper by Heinz Trökes were found at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

"HELLE NACHT" (Bright Night), 1952

"ERD- UND WASSERSCHEIDE" (Earth- and Watershed), 1961

"ZERSTÖRENDES FEUER" (Destroying Fire), 1964 

See also the Digital Catalogue of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart -> go search Trökes

Heinz Trökes – POP-up // POP-Art @ DERDABERLIN

Paintings of the 70s

Colorful paintings from Heinz Trökes at DERDABERLIN

Go - Fasanenstrasse Nr.58 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Duration: till end of August 2021


ZIELE (Targets), oil o.c. 138 x 110 cm, WVZ-Nr.0844

Trökes-Archive now on Instagram

Recently you can get Informations and News about the Trökes-Archive on Instagram. Please follow us by clicking the Insta-icon or here via your bowser https://www.instagram.com/troekes_archiv_berlin/

A new service

A new feature was installed on our website. If you go to Heinz Trökes and further to Publications and you click on PDF for download you get the complete content. This is a special service for Museums, Auction houses and Collectors. The service has been provided because over the years some Portfolios are not complete anymore. 

NASA’s Mars 2020/21 mission with Rover und Helicopter

This would have been a big event for Troekes! Another flight to Mars, this time by NASA. Mars 2020, the so called 5th mission with a rover and 1st with a small helicopter happily landed on the red planet on February 2021. After a long ride of 470 millions kilometers, related to distance from sun. Successfully first time ever colour pictures  and sound recordings were transmitted to the earth,  the chemical turnover from carbodioxid to oxygen succeeded, also the short surround flight of the helicopter.  Use the link to know more @New York Times.

Heinz Troekes "Cosmic Mission" several times dealt with Mars, the planets and views from above.
On the left, the oil painting "BILD FÜR MARS", 1957 exhibited at Museo de Arte Moderne Rio de Janeiro (MAM) in 1960.

Season Greetings

Trökes loved travelling. The picture shows a cosmic scenery. You see a planet and a dart-like object on his interstellar journey out in the Galaxies, not harming our flora or soil fauna. The flying object on the painting  "KOSMISCHE MÖGLICHKEIT" from 1949, now refurbished, carefully cleaned and newly framed, looks like "Oumuamua".

Stay healthy and enjoy the season. 

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Rear view of a letter from Ceylon, sent by Heinz Trökes in 1958

2021 began with a first Zoom-Meeting

The Trökes-Archive was invited by Professor R. Obien (Keene State College, NH, USA) to join and talk about the artist-group Grupo Ibiza 59.

Other members of this meeting beside Mr. Obien, who is in charge of the Bob Munford (USA, 1925-1991) catalogue raisonné, were Melinda Munford-Jaques (USA), Miguel Sjöberg, son of Bertil Sjöberg (Sweden 1914-1999), Renée Fox (USA), Morgan Sansegundo (USA), son of Carlos Sansegundo (Spain 1930-2010) and Manuel Trökes.

We had a very nice first meeting about the cosmopolitan Ibiza in the 50s and 60s.

Bar Can Escandell, ca. 1952, San Antonio, Ibiza. Photo © Viñets

2020 – 2021 • The digital catalogue has grown

More than 5,300 sketches and paintings, prints and watercolors can be seen until today. Please log-in for viewing. 

The future is untold but smaller details lie hidden in an artwork. 

In 1973 Heinz Trökes has painted  the "Nebra Sky Disc", found only in 1999.

See the untitled, colored felt marker drawing on paper from the 19th Sketchbook of 1973 (Trökes S 1-17/1973)

We wish you a peaceful, prosperous and healthy year 2021.

Christmas Surprise 2020

After research in the Catalogue raisonné two British collectors discovered similarities between their painting and a sketch which just recently had  been filled in. The painting belonging to them was referred to be lost with no existing images.

With kind assistance of Dr. Markus Krause the painting could be identified and authenticated as "IM WIND" (IN THE WIND)

Find out more in our Spring-Newsletter end of February 2021.

"IM WIND", Öl a.L., 32 x 25,5 cm, 1946 - Foto © Caroline Hadley

Filling in drawings from the sketchbooks

We continue to complete the catalogue raisonné after having received about 3,500 digital scans of Trökes Sketchbooks. The books remain under courtesy of the Berlin Kupferstichkabinett.

The first 800 from the 40s are done with ballpoint pen or are ink pen drawings. Adding those in we are able to show right now more than 4,600 images on our website. Please log-in to view all under Catalogue raisonné and find more information about format, location and hints to other works.

Left side shows an ink pen drawing out of the seventh book, November 11th, 1947. (WVZ TrökesS 2-066/1947-59)

Heinz Mack with new bronze sculptures at Sculpture Forum Hermann Noack Berlin

The Sculpture Forum at Hermann Noack fine art foundry presents new bronze Sculptures of Heinz Mack for his forthcoming 90 anniversary.

Heinz Mack founding member of the well known international art Group ZERO is also one of the first artist to create land art. He lives and works at Mönchengladbach in Germany and on Ibiza, Spain.


Here on the picture © Karin M. Gaa from left to right Heinz Mack, Heinz Trökes, Erwin Heerich und Rolf Szymanski in 1978 at the Academy of Arts, Berlin.

Congratulations Erwin Bechthold

Erwin Bechthold (* April 12, 1925 in Köln) is a German painter living on Ibiza since 1958. He recently received the highest prize of the Conseille de Eivissa, the gold medal. The award was given to him for his art and the fact that he connected the Ibiza art scene with the International Art Avantgarde.

Bechthold (link to German Wikipedia) was as Trökes a founding member of the GRUPO IBIZA 59. (Link to German Wikipedia)


Erwin Bechtold from © Romer Ubst

In Memoriam Ursula Benker-Schirmer

Mrs. Ursula Benker-Schirmer, artist and tapestry maker died at the age of 93 in October 2020. From 1947/48 she studied at the Art-School of Burg Giebichenstein, later on she continued her studies in Berlin and France. Besides own art-work she also realized tapestry of Henry Moore, Herbert Bayer, Georg Meistermann and Heinz Trökes (see German Wikipedia)

She has been producing four Gobelins using motifs by Heinz Trökes.

Here i.e. "MEHR ALS DREI MAL VOLLMOND" (More Than Three Times Full Moon), 207 x 147 cm, 1983. Allianz AG, Administration building Stuttgart.

New pro reproductions for the Trökes-Archive

Frequently the Trökes-Archive receives new images from museums, auction houses and private collectors. Lately we got these two reproductions of the oil paintings that are part of the  Kunsthaus NRW, Kornelimünster collection. This is how we can extend the amount and quality of our catalogue raisonné. We would like to thank very much all donors for their help and kindness. Manuel Trökes

 EILAND, oil o.c. 1959, 52 x 102,5 cm, Krause 0252, Inv.-Nr.Kgt.977

ASPKTE EINES TRABANTEN, oil o.c. 1963, 75 x 102 cm; Krause 0619, Inv.-Nr.Kgt.1190

The Trökes Estate in 2020

Unchanged and as it was designed by Renée Trökes with elements of Bauhaus and the iconic white cube island style, built in 1954 on Ibiza. See also under: photos/family, Trökes sitting in front of the house.

Three new Mars-Missions in 2020

The Trökes-Archive wishes all resent started Mars-Missions from UAE, China and USA luck and many new  findings for sciences and humanity.

🖖Dif-tor heh smusma (live long and prosper)

Heinz Trökes was in 1948 already at Mars.

“AM MARS” (At Mars), oil on canvas, 1948. Collection of Classic Foundation Weimar, Inv.-Nr.G 2400; New Museum Weimar (Thuringia)

TIP: Visit BAR BRASS – Am Spreebord 9, in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Since July 2020 we expose two oil paintings from 1968 at the Café of BAR BRASS. Combine your visit of the Sculpture Centre Hermann Noack with fine art foundry and production and a relaxing stay with exceptional food at BAR BRASS.

The Trökes-Archive is located at the same building but open to the public only by appointment.

From left to right "TRAUMBILD" (Dream prospect), oil o.c. 1968, "BEFLÜGELTES DORF" (Bewinged village), oil o.c. 1968

“BARBAROPA” Heinz Trökes, Oil painting from 1947 at House of European History

While searching early sold works of Heinz Trökes the painting "BARBAROPA" was found on the website of the House of European History. See: The Myth of Europa. We thank curator Dr. Christodoulou for his kind information about the collection and permanent exhibition in Brussels, Belgium.

"BARBAROPA", oil on canvas 1947.

Collection: House of European History, Brussels


gallery derdaberlin now open again

„The geometric line is an invisible thing. It is the track made by the moving point; that is, its product.“ Wassily Kandinsky - POINT AND LINE TO PLANE

In our exhibition POINT LINE TO PLANE you will get a choice of 19 mostly b/w minimalistic works on paper. In that concentration they have not been shown yet. The first two drawings from 1948 date back just shortly after Trökes became art director of the Gerd Rosen Gallery in Berlin in 1945. The last drawings date from 1961. All are fine, subtle and sublime line-compositions: ink, felt-pen and charcoal drawings on different papers in somnambulistic safe balance.

Due to the virus and safety regulations the exhibition is open by appointment only from May 15 till June 30, 2020 

DERDABERLIN, Fasanenstrasse 58, 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

ill. "Magnetophonband", (P 19/1960) Heinz Trökes, b/w felt-pen (Flo-Master) on Ingres-Paper, 1960

75 YEARS GALERIE GERD ROSEN – May, 11th – August, 9th 2020

Exhibition at the Galerie of Kunsthaus Dahlem - open now

Kunsthaus Dahlem dedicates an exhibitions to the most prominent gallery in Berlin, which opened just a few months after the end of World War II and immediately became one of the most important venues for modern and contemporary art. With a selection of the works of art, photographs and original documents shown at the time, the exhibition traces the first five years of the gallery’s existence. Some works can be viewed for the first time since 1945/46 as part of an exhibition.

News From Sri Lanka

In 1958 Heinz Troekes travelled by ship from Amsterdam to Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon. A three month trip via the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal to Colombo.

Now Mr. G.C. Wickremasinghe from Sri Lanka made contact with the Troekes-Archive. He became a well known businessman in a variety of sectors and is now 87 years.

Mailing us after having found the Troekes website we exchanged some photos from that time. Heinz Troekes was his guest on the family rubber plantation for several weeks.

This voyage was the only one on which Troekes did paint. See the catalogue raisonné and follow the search mask -> Free text search -> „Ceylon“ and „Singhalesische“.  

His diary has been published by Lindenau-Museum in 2013 with many b/w photos and water colors. See the page Publications.

Bilingual Publication ’75 YEARS GALERIE GERD ROSEN’

Meanwhile the publication '75 YEARS GALERIE GERD ROSEN' of the postponed Exhibition can be ordered at Kunsthaus Dahlem. 50 pages in German and English and with many b/w and color photos. Please support the Kunsthaus Dahlem with your order and donation.

Heinz Trökes in the than so called 'Puppet Avenue', Berlin-Tiergarten about 1948. Foto © K-L Haenchen, Berlin

Due to the coronavirus (covid-19) all exhibitions are postponed.

75 Anniversary of Gallery Rosen at Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin.
From April 4 – June 7, 2020 – Opening April 3 – 75 Anniversary of Gallery Gerd Rosen. The first Art Gallery after WW II opened in August 1945. Heinz Trökes was the first Artistic Director of this important Art Gallery, showing longtime forbidden Art after the 12 Years of the Nazi Regime. 

"FLUG DER STEINVÖGEL", oil on canvas (Flight of the Stonebirds) one of the paintings shown in 1945/46 at Rosen, will be exposed at the Kunsthaus Dahlem. 

Welcome to the new English pages of the Heinz Trökes website.

Dear friends, collectors, gallery owners, curators, auction houses and lovers of the work of Heinz Trökes.

We are proud to offer you new English pages, including the complete catalogue raisonné of Heinz Trökes. All pages are free. We only ask you to register and log in if you are interested in researching with our catalogue.  Yours, Manuel Trökes, Berlin - Feb. 2020