“Trökes’ sketchbooks are no diaries, and not sketchbooks in the usual sense. Neither is that seen and experienced noted straightforwardly in them, nor do they serve the purpose of the quick recording of spontaneous ideas for subsequent elaboration. Within the body of work, they exist less in a permanent interrelationship with the paintings, drawings and graphic works than adjacent to them in parallel autonomy.
 On the first sheets, which already originated during the war in Berlin, the post-war Berlin Surrealism is already announced, for which Trökes’ oil painting “Mondkanone” [Moon Cannon] would become a significant work – painting out of the mood of absolute zero, in which one no longer even hopes to trust one’s own dreams. Time references in the sense of a diary can most likely be found in these first sketchbooks, until the first years after the war, in which the rubble of experience is processed in shattered and appalled images.”

Cited from: Janos Frecot, TRÖKES – Akademie der Künste, Berlin 1979, Akademie-Katalog 126

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