In this comprehensive catalogue raisonné, we document the entire oeuvre of the artist Heinz Trökes: oil paintings (Krause catalogue raisonné), graphic works and printed graphics, but also his sketchbooks and several of his textile designs (Trökes catalogue raisonné). We also inform the interested public and specialists about previously unknown or lost works and forgeries. In order to be able to view and receive images and further information on more than 7,200 works, you must register. Works of Trökes for which there are no good or secured images do not appear in the catalogue raisonné.

This catalogue raisonné should not only be a document and documentation of his active creativity. In this way, we happily place Trökes entire oeuvre in the service of science and encourage specialists to carry out their research here. In the process, we look forward to a brisk exchange of ideas with you.

The catalogue raisonné is created in such a way that highly precise work can be carried out through search filters. It also offers additional services, such as the creation of personal light boxes, the printing out of lists or results or the provision of special information about the works.

We are happy to include missing images for works or to supplement the catalogue with works it has not contained to date. If you would like to contribute something, please contact us.

With this website and the catalogue raisonné, we also want to make the oeuvre of Heinz Trökes accessible to a broad public. We have taken no measures to make the saving or downloading of images of the works more difficult.

We grant private persons the right to the private usage of the image files according to the guidelines of the CC 4.0 license (BY-NC-ND). Important points of this license include the obligations to not alter the works and to name the source and the author Heinz Trökes.

Any other use is prohibited. This especially applies to all persons who are professionally active in the field of fine arts in any way. If you should be interested in professional or commercial use of individual works, please address your enquiry to VG Bild-Kunst, which administers the copyright usage rights to the works of Heinz Trökes on our behalf. So-called high-res image files of several works for commercial purposes can be sent for a fee.

The setting up of the catalogue raisonné of Heinz Trökes is a project preceded by several years of research and planning, initially by Markus Krause (Krause catalogue raisonné, oil paintings), and ultimately by Manuel Trökes (Trökes catalogue raisonné, graphics, prints, books and sketchbooks). The technically impeccable realisation, as well as the creation of high-quality images were just as important matters as the checking of the compiled information.

Please understand that we require a few items of information from you before we can approve your access to the protected area. To this purpose, please register using our form at the REGISTRATION page.

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