gallery derdaberlin now open again

„The geometric line is an invisible thing. It is the track made by the moving point; that is, its product.“ Wassily Kandinsky – POINT AND LINE TO PLANE

In our exhibition POINT LINE TO PLANE you will get a choice of 19 mostly b/w minimalistic works on paper. In that concentration they have not been shown yet. The first two drawings from 1948 date back just shortly after Trökes became art director of the Gerd Rosen Gallery in Berlin in 1945. The last drawings date from 1961. All are fine, subtle and sublime line-compositions: ink, felt-pen and charcoal drawings on different papers in somnambulistic safe balance.

Due to the virus and safety regulations the exhibition is open by appointment only from May 15 till June 30, 2020 

DERDABERLIN, Fasanenstrasse 58, 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

ill. “Magnetophonband”, (P 19/1960) Heinz Trökes, b/w felt-pen (Flo-Master) on Ingres-Paper, 1960