In 1958 Heinz Troekes travelled by ship from Amsterdam to Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon. A three month trip via the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal to Colombo.

Now Mr. G.C. Wickremasinghe from Sri Lanka made contact with the Troekes-Archive. He became a well known businessman in a variety of sectors and is now 87 years.

Mailing us after having found the Troekes website we exchanged some photos from that time. Heinz Troekes was his guest on the family rubber plantation for several weeks.

This voyage was the only one on which Troekes did paint. See the catalogue raisonné and follow the search mask -> Free text search -> „Ceylon“ and „Singhalesische“.  

His diary has been published by Lindenau-Museum in 2013 with many b/w photos and water colors. See the page Publications.